Warm floor and reordering works complete at Holy Trinity, Sutton Coldfield

Holy Trinity Church has been showcasing the beautiful new church interior and facilities to the local community, which they proudly describe as ‘a gem’. The Stone Edge works were completed in Nov 2016 and included full reordering of the church and warm floor installation. A new entrance way was formed by removing the lower half of the west window and replacing with glass doors. A new entrance lobby complete with toilets was installed in the existing Bidlake Chapel, originally used as the choir vestry. The entire floor space of the church was hand dug down from between 500mm in the main church to 1.5m in the Bidlake Chapel, revealing some interesting surprises.

Holy Trinity, Sutton Coldfield - Roof & Floor Work

Archaeologists confirmed the existence of the historic Pudsey family tomb, complete with vaulted ceiling and lead lined coffins. Jane Pudsey, noble widow of the local family was at the heart of a romantic tale in the late 1600’s when she fell in love and married lowly stone mason William Wilson. Wilson was a renowned local craftsman who had worked for Christopher Wren. He built the Moat House which stands in front of the Sutton Coldfield campus of the University of Birmingham to try and please his new family. However Wilson was not accepted by the family due to his lower ranking and was denied access to the family tomb. Instead he bought himself a burial plot just outside the external wall to the tomb and said the wall would not come between them as he could easily cut a hole. Archeologists found a clear hole in the north wall of the tomb suggesting he did create a way, to be close to his beloved wife. We carefully removed the modern concrete ceiling, and then replaced it with a new one, at a lower height to suit the new floor level.

Posted by mickdpi on 5th Apr, 2017