Shankly Gates

Stone Edge assist LFC with conservation of the famous “Shankly Gates”

Appointed on behalf of Nobles Construction this summer, Stone Edge have recently completed the high profile refurbishment of the Shankly Gates as part of the reworking of Liverpool’s historic Anfield Football Club.

Following an initial condition survey and inspection report, the gates were relocated to our metalwork factory in West Yorkshire for a more detailed assessment. The existing metalwork was exposed by blasting the paint finish from the frame. Once complete, the defective metalwork areas were sympathetically reworked or replaced depending upon the nature of the finding. The detailed leaf work was removed from the overhead sign and a full measured survey completed to accurately set out the new support frame for the gates. New rollers were fitted to the frame to allow the leaves to swing smoothly and the existing lock mechanism dismantled and cleaned to allow free use.

Following a worked ‘dry run’ on site to locate the hinges and double check the brickwork pier arrangement, the gates were sent to the paint factory for finish. This detailed phase meant the carefully considered build-up of primer, finish coats and spotting of the intricate gold, red and white sections were completed by hand. A bespoke temporary box section frame was fabricated to hold the components while spraying ensured the highest of finishes to all parts.

Finally, the gates were fully protected with a breathable membrane for the transportation back to Liverpool for hanging and local adjustment. Works were completed in August 2016 for an unveiling attended by Mr Shankly’s family and friends.

Stone Edge are proud to have undertaken these prestigious works.

Posted by mickdpi on 10th Sep, 2016